Rain — A Comforting Sound

It’s raining.  I can hear it.  Which means that it must be coming down pretty good out there.  I live in a log house and I can’t hear the rain when I’m upstairs unless it is indeed coming down pretty good.  There is no thunder, just the sound of steady rain.  It’s very comforting and pleasant, a soothing sound.  A sound I would love to have on Sunday afternoons for a good nap.

It must have rained earlier this morning too.  I slept later than I intended to sleep today.  In fact, I remember turning off the alarm and then getting up, in what seems liked a couple of minutes later, only to find out that it was two hours later!  The room was fairly dark and very cozy, just as the bed had been.

I’m loving this day.  So much better than last night’s thunder storms that frightened my dogs.  This is wonderful.  It’s very conducive to scanning more eBay auctions.  Lord help me.  I may need an intervention!

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