The Second of my New (Vintage) Fountain Pens!

Parker Vacumatic writing sample with Noodlers Black ink

Today I’m going to show you my new vintage Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen!  I won this beauty on eBay recently.  I shared with you in a previous post how I came to be looking at Vacumatic pens.  Little did I know that reading that one post on a blog (one I’d never read before) would lead me down a slippery ink bottle to more fountain pens and nibs!

I ended up getting a Vacumatic made in the last quarter of 1944.  It’s made of silver pearl and black strips of celluloid.  The nib is 14k gold and is fine/extra fine and writing with it feels like cutting through silk with warm scissors — it just glides!  It’s wonderful.

Parker Vacumatic in need of ink, but not totally empty

One thing I want to share with you about this pen is the transparency of the barrel.  You can’t see it at all unless it’s held up to a light at just the right angle.  I hope it shows in the photos.  I saw photos of it before I bought it but I couldn’t really tell what I was seeing.  The first photo will show the pen in need of ink.  The second photo shows the pen full of ink.   The barrel of this pen is thicker than the barrel of my Esterbrook SJ.  I have small hands and a large barrel pen hurts to write with for long.  This pen is larger, but not too large.  I like it very much.

Parker Vacumatic full of ink

My only complaint about this pen is that it doesn’t hold as much ink as I expected it to hold.  I usually write fairly long letters.  Well, let me back up a bit.  I write big (as you can see in the top photo), so it usually takes quite a bit of paper and ink to write a fair-sized letter.  To write my usual long letter, I will probably have to refill this pen at least twice during the writing of the letter!  I’ve already refilled it once and as you can see by the photo (the first of the transparency photos) it’s in need of it again.  It just doesn’t last long.  Even though I’ve “complained” about it here, I do not feel that the amount of ink it holds is a draw back.  After all, it’s much better than a leaky ball point pen or even the constant hassle of an old-fashioned dip pen.

Until I started using fountain pens, I never liked to use a fine point pen.  I’ve recently discovered that love fine and extra fine nibs, especially with a really dark ink such as the Noodler’s Black that I used in my writing sample photo.  My handwriting is very rounded and some of my letters tend to be a bit hard to read (in my opinion) if I use a medium nib.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be if I used a broad nib.  For me (and maybe for everyone?) that would definitely be more of a drawing nib.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these two recent pen reviews.  If you have any questions, please ask.  I’ll do my very best to answer.  I have one more pen coming, so there may be another showing soon.

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