Thursday’s Adventure

A few days ago my momma and I talked my niece into a rather spontaneous visit.  I drove down to get her and drove back up the same day.  Since then, we’ve been trying to have adventures each day.

Bead store in Gun Barrel City, TX

Our first full day together was Thursday.  First we went to a “new” bead store that I had noticed just a few days before.   I was so excited when I first spotted the sign that said “beads and gifts”.  Then I showed it to my momma a day or so later.  I told her we needed to be sure to take B there when we got her up here.  So, that was our first stop.  When we walked in, I asked the owner how long they had been there, thinking it couldn’t be more than a month or so.  She said it was two years last April!  I could not believe I’d driven past it for that long and driven into Dallas or ordered online when I could have been supporting a local business!  I do indeed believe in supporting local businesses.  I will, in the future, see if they have what I need or can get it before going elsewhere.

Burger Joint

Next we went to a hamburger place that momma had seen being built.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t completed yet.  Construction workers were still there.  That didn’t stop us from taking photos of the outside of the building!  Looks like it will be a fun place to eat when they open.

the mascots? on the side of the building

I can just picture them in tie dyed t-shirts and long braids, blue jeans and bandanas!  I hope they have great food!  These guys remind me of my early years.  I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s.  I still wear jeans and t-shirts as my every day attire.  If I dress up, I put on a t-shirt without words on it.  I’d be right at home with the three folks on this building.

Good place for seafood in Gun Barrel City, TX

After we got back in the car, I decided it was time for lunch.  There’s a place I’d been wanting to go to since it had opened, but my hubby doesn’t really like to go out.  So, I took momma and B there.  Lake Jackson Seafood has been open for at least a year, I’m sure.  The inside is very casual, in fact, it doesn’t look like much at all.  Don’t be fooled.  The whole reason I wanted to go there is that I wanted to try their gumbo.  I really like gumbo, but it’s not something I want to cook myself.  It’s a rather expensive dish to make if you want to make it right.  Lots of ingredients, lots of time, a big mess.  My mother-in-law made really good gumbo.  It had seafood, chicken and sausage.  My sister-in-law, her daughter, makes really good gumbo too, but she doesn’t do it often.

damn good seafood gumbo!

So, we get our menus and I ask which is better, the chicken gumbo or the seafood.  Without hesitation, she says the seafood.  So, all three of us order the seafood gumbo!  It was fantastic, out of this world gumbo!  Honestly though, I think they should change the name in the menu to Damn Good Seafood Gumbo!  B and I were both still talking about it today.  Both of us were wanting more of it, saying that if we had made some ourselves, we’d have leftovers to go ahead and eat.  That it was so, so good.  That we couldn’t wait to have more.  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it.

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