Friday — Adventures in Art

B’s — stage one — paint only — in the shade

We’ll be hitting the road soon for today’s adventure.  If I have any energy left at all, I’ll tell you about it when I get home.  Until then, let me tell you what we did yesterday.  I was supposed to take over stuff to experiment in carving rubber stamps.  I forgot all about it.  Maybe we can do that on Sunday.

mine — stage one — paint only — in the shade

On Monday, when momma and I went to Dallas, I bought some 140 lb. 12″ x 18″ water color paper to make postcards with.  Today, I took it over to momma’s house, along with my water colors, some ink samplesa couple of syringes I have for fountain pen maintainance, a few paint brushes and a pickle jar for the water.

B was as excited as I was to play with the paint!  So, we got to it pretty quickly.  The first step, was just to paint the paper.  We took our time.  We did whatever we wanted to do — whatever felt right.  When we were done, we let it dry.  Which didn’t take long since it was so hot outside.  It took us longer to cool off than the paints did to dry.

my inks are on the left, B’s inks are on the right

While we were inside cooling off, I went through some of the ink samples that I’d brought with me and picked quite a few that I probably wouldn’t use in my fountain pens.  I put them in a bag and had momma hold the bag while B and I took turns picking one at a time, with our eyes closed!  We picked three each and had to use what we picked.

B’s — stage two — after ink added

We then went back outside and put the syringes together.  There is a long, hollow, dull, “needle” that we sucked the ink up into the syringe with.  Then we each did our own thing.  I just squirted my ink kind of quick and moved my hand back and forth.  I noticed that B kind of pumped her syringe the time I watched her.  I ended up with ink all over my hands, she had very little on her.  We were both happy as clams!

mine — stage two — with ink added

After we finished with the ink part, we had to clean up a bit and then cool off a lot!  Sitting in the house just didn’t cut it.  I suggested that we go to Sonic for a shake to help us cool down.  Believe me, it did indeed help quite a lot!  Then I brought momma and B back home and I gathered all the things up and come on home myself.  B gave me her paper since she doesn’t write many letters or postcards.   I’ll be able to get 9 postcards out of each sheet of paper.  I may add some collage or fabric to some of them.  I’ll have to add something to the sheet B made to be able to use it as something from me, but I want to alter it as little as possible.  We’ll see.  Whatever I end up doing, I’ll show you here.  It was a fun day and I’m excited!  I can’t wait to send them out!

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  2. Chris O says:

    Hi Sharon, I love these abstract paintings! So colorful and beautiful. Color is what it’s all about!

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