I am so Very Grateful

The last few days were very busy.  I haven’t had time to finish writing about all B and I did and didn’t even have time to do.  I’m tuckered out and trying to just rest.  I’m writing blog posts and talking on the phone to loved ones.  I have to tell you though that since yesterday, I’ve had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I am filled to the brim and overflowing with it!

  • I’m so grateful that B got to come to spend time with momma and me.
  • I’m grateful we went on our little adventures
  • I’m grateful that my car was in working order to get us back and forth to the general Houston area to get her and take her home
  • I’m grateful that my air conditioner, even though it’s acting up, worked for most of our driving around
  • I’m grateful that I’ve gotten to talk to my friends B and C recently
  • I’m grateful to have my momma here living near me — so very grateful for that one!
  • I’m grateful for my hubby and all he does for us and all he puts up with from me through all these long many years we’ve been together
  • I’m so very, very grateful for my dear son — just thinking of him make me tear up — he’s such a good man with so much on his plate
  • a dear friend of my son’s has had a couple of bad accidents and is now in grave condition, my son is extremely upset, sad, worried and hurt — this situation reminds me of how very lucky we are and makes me even more grateful for his health and for the good health of his children
  • his friend’s condition made my son say something that he had not said to me in about two years, something I was so very grateful to hear him say and something he needs to say more often.

I am grateful:

  •  for dreams
  • for Dove chocolate
  • for the Coke I’m trying so hard to give up — a double-edged sword
  • for good, clean water
  • bird song
  • waking without an alarm
  • creativity and the time to be creative
  • love and friendship and the pain that is sure to come with it at times
  • pets
  • quiet
  • books
  • solitude
  • The Texas Rangers
  • fun
  • breathing in and out

Sometimes, that enough.


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