Postcrossing Postcards to Share

postcard # 1 from Tatyana in Belarus

Once again, I’ve gotten very behind on sharing my postcrossing postcards with you.  I’m especially embarrassed about this first one being so late to show up on the blog.  I got it in late April and really thought I had shared it already.  It is from Tatyana in Belarus.  I got rather tickled when I read why she picked this postcard for me.  It was because I had “favorited” someone elses postcard of snails.  The reason I did that was because I was thinking of “snail mail”.  Worked out perfect though because I have a fondness for ladybugs.  When my oldest granddaughter was a toddler, she called all bugs — ladybugs.  Her family lived in Italy at the time and her parents weren’t familiar with all the spiders and possibly posionous bugs there, so when she would squeal “ladybug!” they would have to drop everything and run to see what she was about to try to pick up!  I hope I never forget that story.  Anyway, the front of the postcard says “I love you”.

One of the other postcrossers from Belarus had sent me a link showing me her city.  I forgot to share it with you when I showed you her postcard earlier.  Hers is the one of the three family members.  So, when I came across the link again today, I wanted to be sure and share it.  I watched it a couple of weeks or so ago.  It was very interesting.  I hope you enjoy it.

# 2 from Angelika in GA, USA

The second card comes from Angelica in Georgia.  She is a native Texan, born in Dallas (just as I was!) and lived in Austin for a while (just as I’ve love to do someday).  She will be moving to Florida sometime this summer.  I’ve been there for a couple of very hot visits and would love to visit the Keys sometime, but can’t say I’d want to live in any of the places I’ve visited so far.  Sorry Florida.  She’s really looking forward to the beaches.  Angelika has a sister who still lives in Austin and loves the bluebonnets as much as I do, so I sent her a couple of photos of the bluebonnets I have for my banner and stamps.  I have another postcard from Angelika to share on another day.  My photo of it didn’t turn out well this time.

number 3 from Calvn in Japan

Postcard number three is from Calvin in Japan and shows the cherry blossoms!  I’ve never been to Japan or even to Washington D.C.  I had three wild cherry trees here on my property that were just lovely, but I think I may have lost them to last year’s drought.  I didn’t see any of them bloom this year.  I can only imagine how beautiful it is to be where hundreds of cherry trees are blooming at once!  The thought makes my soul sing.  Calvin says “I hope this card would represent my current residence.”  Ahhhh.  Even though the blooms only last a few days, he is still a lucky young man.

# 4 from future Attorney Nathalie

Postcard four filled me with delight!  I love art type cards.  I love to make them and I love to receive them.  This may be a journal page that was photographed and then made into a postcard.  It is not orginial artwork, but that does not make it any less lovely or fun to get.  It comes from Nathalie in Orlando.  She says she has just finished law school and an internship at the State Attorney’s Office and that she will be taking the bar exam in July!  Best of luck to you Nathalie!  She’s also just gotten into film photography.  Sounds like a great stress reliever to me!  Love the postcard.  By the way, you may want to click on the photo for this one especially if you like this kind of art.  The page the collage is on is a cookbook!  So fun!  I would have never thought of that, but I will now.

photo postcard # 5 from Alesya in Russia

The fifth, and final, postcard for today is actally a photograph.  It is from Alesya in Russa.  I can’t make out the city because of the postal machine black ink.  Sadly, she wrote very little to me on the card.  I remember emailing her to ask if she had taken a photo of an old Christmas card or something like that.  I can’t find the email, but I’m almost postitive she said that she had. In the bottom right hand corner, it says in English, “Christmas Eve in Kingsport”.  Lovely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  Don’t forgot to leave a comment for the Silly Contest.  If you’re the winner, you’ll get honest to goodness, real handwritten mail in your mailbox and it won’t be a bill for anything!

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