More Postcrossing Postcards Catching Up

I have a few more postcrossing cards to share with you today in an effort to catch up on what I have not shared with you yet.  I’m trying not to share more than five or so at a time so as not to overwhelm or bore you.

# 1 from Rixt in the Netherlands, look closely — there are two little sharks swimming under the turtle!

The first one is from Rixt in De Meem, the Netherlands.  She says that she is a jewelry designer (here is her website  She is also “the mother of two teenage sons, has a lovely husband and a big brown Labrador dog”!  I didn’t take photos of the postage stamps, they seemed fairly common, although they are really nice.  One is a light bulb that has things written inside the lightbulb.  I can make out the first word, which is “europa”.  I can’t make out the second word because of postal marks.  The third word is “goen”.  The word “licht” written on the bulb where the glass meets the metal to screw it into a lamp would start. Along the outer edges of the stamp are Europa and Nederland.  The other has birds that look like what we might call sandpipers here in the States with the word “grutto” on it along with “Nederland”.  I believe this is my first National Geographic postcard and I really like it.  I love sea turtles.  I’ve always wished I could see the babies hatching and fighting their way to the sea.  Magnificent creatures!

# 2 lovely postcard from Inge in the Netherlands

The second card shows four beautiful birds of the area of the Netherlands that Inge lives in!  The word on the front is the” name of a big forest” according to Inge.  She sent this link for us to see more about it if we do desired.  Inge is 23 and likes photography, especially concert photography!  She likes to play with the lights and smoke on stage!  Her postcard was sent with a Nederland Postcrossing 2011 postage stamp!  I don’t know how many styles were made, but they numbered each style and mine is numbered 1.  I tried taking a photo of it, but I don’t think it turned out very good.  They have a group of postcards on each stamp.  Mine has the word “wereld” on it.  I don’t know if the same word is on each style or not.

# 3 from Elena in Moldova

The third postcard is my first from Moldova!  It comes from Elena.  The postcard shows Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.  She says it is the largest (can’t make out her first word), economic, scientific and cultural center of the country.  It’s situated in a picturesque place and has about one million inhabitants.  I like the postage stamp she used on this card too.  I should do another post on the stamps soon.  This one has tools on it!  Really cool.

Beautiful owl on postcard # 4 from Belarus

The fourth card comes from Belarus and has a fabulous owl on it!  What a great shot!  It comes from two sisters, Nadia and Eugenia  who are 23 and 13 years old.  Isn’t that wonderful?  They “are big fans for postcrossing because it’s really interesting to send someone a card and receive cards from all over the world!”  They live with their granny and mom in a small city near Minsk with all of their pets.  They have 3 dogs and 3 cats.  The stamp on their postcard looks like there is a buffalo on it!  I didn’t realize there were buffalo in other parts of the world.  I am truly ignorant of so many things.  Sometimes a postage stamp can be a teaching tool.  So, as I started to write all of this, I went to to see if there were buffalo in Belarus.  This is what I found.  “Belarus is a traditional and charmingly unique country which is sadly often overlooked by tourists. Travel into landlocked Belarus through sweeping marshy areas and thick forests where deer, wild boar and buffalo reside and you’ll find crystal-clear lakes as well as warm hospitality from the locals.”  Amazing!

The address and message area of the postcard from Germany

I have two photos for postcard number five.  The first of them is of the address area.  I have to show you the calligraphy that just delighted me when I saw it!  I was so very thrilled by this when I got it out of my PO Box!  There are a couple of rubber stamped images that I didn’t even really notice at first.  One is upside down under the calligraphy address and it has and airplane.  The other is round and has words also, but I can’t make out the words on either image.  I’m guessing they are both in German.  I have his return address covered, but I sure wish I didn’t have to.  It is a very cute, round return address with a cat in the center and his address in a circle.

# 5 from Germany

His message is on top of the rubber stamped images, the round one which is also upside down.  It says “Hi Sharon with this lovely Robin I send you all my best wishes.  Have a nice day.  Lothar from Germany”  He had also let me know that the art work was by Marjolein Bastin.  I love her work.  So, I emailed him to ask if he had made the postcard or if he’d bought it.  If he’d bought it, I sure wanted to know where because I’d never seen any.  He said he made it out of an old calendar!  I’ve been holding on to my old calendars to do something like that with, but I haven’t done it yet.  I may have to soon.  So, unique.

That’s all the postcards for today friends.  I hope you’ll enter my Silly Contest.  You do not have to have a blog, just an email address and a mailbox.  Don’t know about my Silly Contest?  Click on the highlighted Silly Contest words to read more about it.  Have a great week!

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  1. Jan T. says:

    Hi Sharon, I love #5 the best because I LOVE the calligraphy on the envelope. Love the bird, too. Doesn’t look so much like our robins, does it?
    IMHO, men do the best calligraphy! It just has a different feel to it. Love the colors he chose and the fact that it is probably a dip type pen, I’m guessing now, but the ink seems just uneven enough to remind me of what dipping a pen into the ink and then drawing the letters does. Handsome work! jft

    • Jan, this is the back side of the postcard, no envelope! It’s just lovely in person. It is indeed handsome work. I didn’t ask him what type of pen he used. It may be a dip pen. I never thought of that.


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