Time with Wonderful Women

L to R: Aunt Joan, Momma and Uncle Billy picking plums. Aunt Brenda pretty much hid from the camera.

Yesterday, I got to spend time with three of my favorite women on earth — my momma, my Aunt Joan and my Aunt Brenda!  Nothing would make me happier than to get to see these women on a daily basis, but that is not to happen.   We all live pretty close to each other now, at least by Texas standards!  So, I should be able to see them more often.  These lovely ladies have been the most influential women in my life.  Everything in me that is good, I believe I owe to them, mostly to my momma, but to all of them.

just about all of the plum tree branches were this loaded!

Aunt Joan and her son lived with us for a while when daddy was overseas working  and Aunt Joan was newly divorced, in the mid ’60’s, I think.  I loved having her in the house with us!  She and I would stay up late on Saturday night to watch Medical Center with Chad Everett.  He was yummy!  This was a big deal for me because I was a little kid (but still the oldest of the three kids now in the house!) and would not have been allowed to stay up without Aunt Joan doing it too.  I made up nick-names for her and my momma and they were always good sports about them.  I wasn’t too used to being around boys, so I usually thought my cousin was pretty gross.  He always stuck his finger in the chip dip!  Probably so my sister and I would just let him have it.  The little stinker.

figs, the tree had quite a lot of them

Aunt Brenda is just about ten years older than me, so I always felt really close to her growing up.  She’d give me all kinds of tips about clothes when I was a teenager and she would sometimes come by to take Teresa and I places.  That was a big deal to us at that age.  One time she took us out to meet the Dallas Cowboys as they came back in to the airport after an away game.  I may have been 14 or 15, so I thought she was about the coolest aunt alive for that!


The owl they have fashioned to scare the birds away from their figs!

Yesterday, we talked and visited for quite a bit longer than we had planned to.  Uncle Billy joined us for most of the visiting, but decided not to go to lunch with us.  We went to a popular little Mexican food place in Canton, then back to Aunt Joan’s house to see all of the flowers, plums and figs!  The sun was so bright that most of my photos of the plum tree didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked them too.  That’s when a digital camera can be a disadvantage over a film camera.  At least in my hands.  I had to tweak this shot of the owl, quite a bit!


oleander — beautiful!

The oleander was just beautiful!  It was taller than me.  I’m about five foot two inches.  I didn’t realize they got that tall.   I always think of oleander as white, probably because of the book and movie by that title — White Oleander.  I loved this wonderful deep, hot pink!  It is just gorgeous!



My favorite flowers in my aunts yard was her gardenia!  I’ve loved gardenia since I was a very small child.  I even tried to grow one once, but I didn’t have any luck.  When I spotted that plant and those beautiful, perfumed blooms, my heart melted.  It was a nice touch to a wonderful day.   I hope we can do it again soon.

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