Update on the Art Postcards

I cut the cards apart on Friday.  I loved the over all look of the whole piece of painted page, but cutting them apart into individual postcards sure changes the look of each one.  So, I had the urge to work on some of them a bit more.  So, I did!  I played and played — with paint pens and collage.  I didn’t do as much collage as I might normally do because I do like the way the original paint came out.  I really liked the paint pens.  They were fun and added shine to the cards.  I’ll have to look for more of them.

The Silly Contest to win one of the postcards mailed to you with my bluebonnets zazzle postage stamp ends in just a couple of hours (2 PM central today), but there is still time to enter!  Good luck!

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4 Responses to Update on the Art Postcards

  1. Jan T. says:

    Loved how the postcards turned out. Another friend of mine has been taking art classes at the Jung Center in Houston. She paints a medium size picture and the teacher has them turn them over to cut them into postcard size. (Turned face down so they can’t “tweak” how the images come out on the postcard.) They always look great (when the original looks good) and have an Oriental flair to them, especially when they have a good amount of negative space. Yours turned out great. I would think anyone would be tickled pink (or orange, as the case may be) to win one. Keep creating!

    • Jan T. says:

      Noticed the Route 66 signage on some of the cards. Years ago, we’re talking in the late 30s, early, early 40s, my dad owned a hamburger joint across from the high school in OK City, OK, right on Route 66! Brings back fun memories of me as a 4 or 5 year old trying to balance a tray with hamburgers on it for the high school kids eating lunch with us. Dad taught me to back out of the kitchen through the OUT door so as to not run into anyone coming in the IN door to pick up their order for the next table.

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words and compliments Jan! I would love to take a painting class someday. I hope your friend enjoys the class and making the postcards. I sure do enjoy them!

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