Disaster Averted

Sweet Gabriel

Yesterday evening, my oldest granddaughter came running into the house to tell me that their dog Gabriel was eating a piece of meat!  Now, this was a piece of meat that just “magically” showed up in their yard.  Are you thinking what I was thinking, as I ran to the back yard to wrestle the meat from the full-grown German Shepherd Dog’s jaws?  Someone was probably trying to poison that dog!  We have no concrete proof of poison, but I do know the meat was rancid, I could smell that when I got it away from him.  It was a huge chunk of ham that had somehow appeared inside an 8 foot high fence!

I called the vet because I knew Gabriel had eaten some of the meat.  She had me pour 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide down his throat to get him to throw it up.  It took me and both of my granddaughters (and three attempts!) to perform this act of “kindness”.  After poor Gabriel had finished ridding himself of what he had eaten (which was much more than I realized he’d eaten), I was to give him activated charcoal.  I had that in capsule form and had to pry open his jaws yet again to jab that down his gullet.  He was not happy about me coming anywhere near his mouth after what he had been through, but he took it like the gentleman he is.

After that, and quite a bit of water, he had a relatively calm night.  We are on doggy watch duty to make sure nothing like this happens again.  If it does, we will do everything within our power to bring the party to full prosecution.

For now, we are very grateful that Gabriel is okay and that the vet was there when we needed her.

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3 Responses to Disaster Averted

  1. I am so happy to hear you were able to save your dog. This stuff makes me sick how peole will do such horrific things to animals.

    • I have been pretty much full of rage and sick over it too. Just trying really hard not to show it in front of my grandchildren. Trying to maintain a calm head. Very difficult when you want to bang a few together. Thank you for coming by and for your support.

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