Kiva and Father’s Day

I’m a Kiva Blogger.  That means that occasionally, I post a message from Kiva to get the word out about them on my blog so that you all can know more about the good works they do.  I believe in Kiva and what they do.  Feel free to pass on the information in this blog posting.  So, without futher ado —-

With Father’s Day on Sunday, June 17, micro-lending nonprofit Kiva is devoting the whole month of June to honoring the importance of fatherhood and families. Coming in all shapes and sizes, families and male role models give people the support and strength they need to achieve their potential. This year, we’re asking Kiva lenders to consider lending to fathers around the world to honor and appreciate the men in their life.
As the world focuses on empowering women, men’s contributions to their families and communities are often overlooked. But data shows that economically stable men have a hugely positive impact on child health and education, gender equality in the home, and much more.
Help us spread the word about how Kiva — the world’s leading micro-lending website — gives us all a chance to support fathers and families around the world. You and your readers can get involved in so many ways:
Make a $25 loan to a male borrower to help him build a business, improve his family’s home or send his kids to school. Honor your father or others who helped you along the way by giving a Kiva Card — $25 to lend to anyone of their choosing on Kiva. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. To date, Kiva lenders have helped fund over $300M in loans in 60+ countries with a 98.9% repayment rate. When borrowers you support repay, you get your money back so you can do it all over again.
So don’t just celebrate Father’s Day on June 17. Join Kiva in dedicating all of June to honoring the importance of family and fatherhood in building a brighter future worldwide.
You and your readers can learn more at And feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at
Here are some ideas for getting the word out via your social networks:
Share the Kiva Father’s Day YouTube video:
On Facebook:
This Father’s Day, celebrate the people who helped you along the way by giving fathers and families around the world the tools they need to build brighter futures for themselves and their children.
Who helped foster your dreams? This Father’s Day, honor the people who gave you the courage to dream big by helping fathers and families around the world do the same.
On Twitter:
Celebrate #FathersDay by giving dads worldwide the tools they need to build brighter futures for their children @Kiva
There are hundreds of fathers on @Kiva working to support their families. Lend to one this #FathersDay
Thank you so much for your continued support. The Kiva community continues to expand and evolve because of amazing people like you.

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