Postcrossing Postcards to Share Today

I’ve been away from home for several weeks now.  Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten a few Postcrossing postcards.  Hope you want to see them, because I want to share them!

#1 from Switzerland

The first card is my first from Switzerland!  Rita used a charming mix of Swiss and English to write my postcard.  Fortunately, I was able to make out what she was saying.  It’s one of the things that makes me love getting postcards from around the world all the more.   I’d love to walk these hills, which look a lot like mountains to this Texan.

stamps on the postcard from Switzerland

These are the stamps that were on the postcard from Switzerland.  I guess there’s nothing really spectacular about them, but I like them all.

#2 from South Africa

Postcard number two is my first to come from South Africa!  I guess being here has been lucky for me and getting postcards from the rare places!  This great ostrich card comes from Tyler.  She is 21 and hopes to come to America one day to live.  She wrote a sentence to me in Afrikaans!  She wrote it all in capitals and I don’t know what should and should not be capitalized, so I’m going to do the same.  “EK WENS DAT JY LIEFDE EN GELUK IN DIE LEWE”  If I didn’t misread her writing, that should say I wish you love and luck in life.

South African stamp

I wish I could see the whole object they photographed for the stamp on the postcard from South Africa.  It’s some kind of woven artwork.  I bet it’s amazing up close and in person.  You can click on any of my photos to enlarge them.

Number 3 from Turkey

Number three comes from Diego in Turkey.  This is only my second postcard from Turkey.  The postcard shows the capital city of Turkey, Ankara, which is where Diego lives.  Many people in postcrossing don’t like to get muli-view cards, but I do like it.  I like to see as much of a place as possible.  I especially like multi-view cards like this one where they are large and you can really see the photos.   There are no stamps to show on this one.  It came in an envelope with metered postage.

number 4 from Russia

The fourth postcard today is from Dasha in Russia.  It says “Hello, Sharon!  This card is from the series ‘Wayfarer from the realm of fancy’  the inscription is a phrase of famous Russian poet Block ‘The Fragile creatures of the dream….’ “.  I’m a big fan of good children’s book illustrations, so I really love the look of this postcard.

Russian stamps

I loved these Russian stamps.  The fountain is just lovely and for some reason, I expect the bear to start dancing.

#5 from Germany

The fifth postcard comes from Hannah in Germany.  She translated it on the back for us.  The little mole says ” Can you hear me again?  Yes…there was a tunnel.”  For some reason, it struck me as funny.  Corny funny, but funny none the less.  I laughed!  She said that she loves birds too and she put a really pretty, puffy bird sticker on the back of the postcard.  She said it would be called a bullfinch in English.

stamps on the German postcard

I liked the stamps she used too.  One is a very modern building.  The other — a moose!  Whenever I see a moose of any sort, I think of my friend Beth.  She loves her some moose.

# 6 from the Netherlands

I love this postcard (# 6)!  It’s rare that I get to see something like this from one of the countries.  It was sent from the Netherlands.  the card shows an Amsterdam, Holland poster for the Festival of Knowledge.  He has translated many of the words and phrases on the back for me.  So kind of  him!

# 7 from Canada

The seventh and last card I’ll be showing you today is from Yashi, a Chinese student in Canada!  It’s my first postcard from Canada too!  It’s a lovely card showing a scene from the Montreal botanic garden.  Look at that cool building in the background.

stamps from Canada

One of my favorite things about the postcard from Canada is the Titanic stamp she used to mail it!  I was so hoping to get some Titanic stamps!  I even asked a friend of mine to pick some up for me when she went up there recently.  I think she forgot about it or they were out of them, because I didn’t hear anything about it.  This is the first one I’ve gotten and I could not be more thrilled!

That’s it for now.  Hope you liked them.

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6 Responses to Postcrossing Postcards to Share Today

  1. Jan T., Spring TX says:

    Sharon, I feel like I’ve skimmed across tree & roof tops in all the postcard countries. Thanks for the ride!

  2. elaine says:

    I have never heard of postcrossing before – then this morning I receive two comments from bloggers both mentioning it – how strange!

  3. Chris says:

    i always love seeing the post cards you get! I also love foreign stamps they’re so colorful and creative. American stamps leave so much to be desired and I don’t know why they have to be so big! Thanks for sharing.

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