New Shoes!

Yeah, I know.  I haven’t been around lately.  I finally got home.  Then I had a day of jury duty after two nights of insomnia.  Then I was just flat-out tired from being gone so long and having jury duty and insomnia.  So, I rested a bit.  Then I got busy doing things that hadn’t been done in a while — like some cleaning and visiting and shopping.  Whew!  Then I was all tuckered out again.  So, today I’m just kind of here thinking of all of you and missing all of you.

the socks I’m wearing have blue tops and toes, with lime green “skin” and orange giraffe pattern!

So, I figured it might be time to check in.  So, How do!  Hope all is well with you.

On Tuesday, I got to go see my favorite sister-in-law Charmaine!  I had a wonderful day with her.  We had lunch, then we went to Ikea.  I’ll show you what I got there in the weeks to come, when I finally get things reorganized like I want to.  I will say that I can never buy everything there that I like or even stay in there as long as I’d like to, but we sure did try to this time.  We were there for three full hours of fun and dreaming.  After that, we went to Michaels and several other little quick stops before hitting Hibbett Sports to look at new shoes.  I loved these Brooks Glycerin 9’s (the shoes) and these fun socks!  Since getting them, my knees and back have not been hurting as much when I walk.  Maybe I’ll be able to walk around more.  Maybe I should have gotten new shoes long before now.  I’ve needed them for a long time.  I wore those old ones for about 4 years, I think.  Way too long.  Hurray for new shoes!

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2 Responses to New Shoes!

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon! Glad you’re back. Love the photo of your new shoes and socks! I need to spend some time on your blog. Like you, I’ve been away from blogging but now I’m back as well!

  2. Jan T. says:

    Those socks are yummy!!!
    Jan T.

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