Postcards to Show!

I have 11 Post Crossing postcards that I have not shared with you yet.  I’ll try to only show 6 in this post.  Don’t want to overload you.

postcard #1 from Germany

The first postcard comes from Germany.  I have no idea what the postcard is showing us, other than it looks like a celebration of some sort and it really doesn’t look very German to me.  On the back of the card, the  sender says “Hello Sharon!  This is my 29th card to the USA.  I’m writing my cards usually in my lunch break.  After work at 5 PM I walk to the post to send my card.  Every day at work I only write one card.  So I wish you all the best.  Dresden, 19.06.2012, 25 degrees C”.

#2 from Finland

Card #2 is from Leila in Finland.  She says that the view is her home view, but she does not live in the summer cottage that is in the postcard.  (click on the photo to enlarge)  She says that she loves her cottage and that she can swim and take a sauna every day!  I love this postcard.  Wish I was in one of the little cottages that have this view, at least for a few days.  It looks so peaceful!

third postcard, from Austria

The third postcard shows the town of Murau and comes from Helga in Austria.  Her English is not perfect and therefore I think it is positively charming.  It is so much better than my Austrian would be!  This is what her card says:  “Hallo Sharon!  Greetings from Osterreich (Austria).  My English is no perfect.  I must learn again better.  We have winter and summer, spring and autumn.  Now we have summer and I love to work in the garden everydays.  In winter I paint pictures and I knitting caps for my family and friends.  Now take care.  Liebe Grusse Und Bleibe Gesund.”.  I love the look of this little town.  It’s just beautiful.  So is Helga’s message.

#4 from San Francisco, California

Postcard number 4 is from Terry in San Francisco, CA in the United States.  The front shows an old-fashioned “shot” of a home with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  It has a lovely look to it.  Terry says she’s loving the warm sunny weather they’ve had the last few days.  She says it’s perfect weather to bike around the city and along the beach.  She also hoped the heat isn’t too terrible in Texas!  Well, if it’s summer, it’s hot in Texas, but it was a sweet thought.

Number 5 from China

Postcard #5 is from Arc in China.  She says the symbol on the front of the card means good luck, healthy life and happiness.  She says that every family in China will put a sticker of the symbol on the door and it often appears on decorative items associated with the Chinese New Year celebration.  She also wrote some words in Chinese characters for me.  Very sweet!

postcard #6 from Taiwan

The sixth and last postcard for today’s post is from Barbie in Taiwan.  She says “Hello Sharon, Greetings from Sanxia, the north of the Taiwan.  I’m 14 years old.  I like to listen to music.  My favorite song is “Somebody that I used to know”.  What’s your favorite song?”.  I pretty sure that I when I thanked her for the postcard, I told her that my favorite song right now is Good Girl by Carrie Underwood.  I did not send her the youtube link I provided here though.  I just told her the song title and who sang it.

bug stamps from Taiwan, click photo to enlarge

One last photo.  These are the postage stamps that were on the postcard from Taiwan.  I don’t think I’ve gotten bug stamps before.  Pretty cool!  More next time.

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    I feel like I’ve been on a quick trip around the world! Thanks!

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