Independence and the Lack there of

The bad news — I fell yesterday.  Actually, if  you are familiar with football terms, my smaller dog, Katie, clipped me and down I went — hard!  If my hubby had not been home at the time, I’d probably still be laying in the middle of my walkway.  She didn’t mean to do it, of course.  Katie and Barkley were playing as I was walking and she tried to out maneuver him and ran right into the back of my knees.  I can barely walk today, but I’m forcing myself because if I don’t, I get really stiff and that’s much worse.  One of the worse things about it, other than the actual pain, is feeling like I need help for some things.  I don’t like that feeling of dependence.  So, I’ll just keep working at the walking and eventually, I’ll be able to bend my knee again.

The good news is that I had my first face to face meeting with my new “coworkers” last night!  I am now an independent jewelry representative for the largest sterling silver jewelry home party company in the world!  I’m extremely excited about it!  I got my kit yesterday, so I was able to wear all my jewelry to the meeting.  I love this jewelry!  It’s beautiful and shiny and guaranteed for life.  What’s not to love about sterling silver?  The parties are laid back and fun, not like some other home parties I’ve been to in the past.  And the company is in need of Representatives, we are under represented, so to speak.  If you have any questions about what I do, shoot me an email.  My email address is on the upper right hand side of the blog, under contact me.

I’m off to learn some more.  Until we meet again….

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  1. YOU GO, GIRL!!! The jewelry IS absolutely beautiful. I wish you big time success! Lol. On the other hand – totally sorry for your fall. I know what you mean w/these 2 “horse” dogs I have. I nearly fell ON them when they were both vying for my attention. Sigh… Speedy recovery to you. Be careful. Glad the husband was home!

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