I’ve had my first Jewelry Party!

As you know, I’ve started a new job.  I’m an independent representative for the best sterling silver jewelry company in the world!  We’re 15 years old this year.  We have home parties and our own websites.  We do fundraisers.  We take every charge card there is, plus debit cards, checks and even old-fashioned cash.  Our merchandise is of the same quality as James Avery or even Tiffany’s, but ours is guaranteed for life — their’s isn’t.

I had my first home party last Saturday.  It was almost effortless for me and for my hostess.  There was no formal presentation.  I brought my jewelry, set it out, and the ladies tried it all on.  They ate some goodies that were provided by the hostess.  I answered questions.  The ladies ordered the jewelry — lots of the jewelry!  They ordered so much that my hostess got over $450 in FREE jewelry!  It was so much fun!

If you like sterling silver jewelry and think you would like to get some free, contact me — my email is in the upper right hand corner — I’ll send you my website address so you can check out this beautiful jewelry for yourself.  You don’t have to live near me to have a party.  We can do it all over the internet.  You don’t have to deliver the merchandise to the party goers either.  This is the easiest party you’ll ever hostess.

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  1. traceyinohio says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t have any luck at this, but I’m SO glad you did!!! And you thought no one would show up, silly girl. Look what a success you had! Onward & upward, always!!! 🙂

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