Second Post

I started writing a post earlier this week.  I never finished it.  Just was well.  It was full of gritching about all the things that had gone wrong in my little corner of the world over the previous several days.  You really didn’t want to read it and truthfully, I didn’t need to be focusing on it any longer.

This morning, I was visiting some of my favorite blogs on the internet when I realized I was chilly!   Just a few days ago, I had two fans going nonstop.  Now, one is barely on and I’m feeling chilly!  I am so excited about fall being on the horizon — excited and grateful!

That made me start thinking of the other things I’m grateful for at this time of year, today, right this minute.

  • the cooler temperatures
  • the rain we had two days ago
  • that the elections will be over soon
  • that I have a jewelry party scheduled for today
  • for the people who have helped me in starting my new business
  • for smiles and hugs and fun
  • for music on long drives
  • for necklace extenders
  • for the basic necessities
  • for the times my hubby goes to the grocery store
  • for lighted, magnifying make-up mirrors
  • for lists
  • for family
  • for friends
  • for pets
  • for the way I feel in dangle-y earrings
  • for you

Time to get on with my day.  I gratitude list is by no means finished, but this is it for this moment.

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3 Responses to Second Post

  1. Jan T., Spring TX says:

    Love this upbeat posting. Can just see you shaking your head side to side wearing dangly earrings. It made me smile.
    Hugs to you, Girly-Girl!

    • Oh and I do that! I did it today at my party! I shake my head side to side and love the feel of those earrings hitting my neck! I don’t do it too fast though or I’ll get dizzy! I also have a bracelet that I love to watch sliding up and down my arm! Guess I’m a bit of a nut about this jewelry!

  2. traceyinohio says:

    What a perfect list. 🙂

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