Happy Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween!  As a kid, my favorite costume was a gypsy!  Momma would make me a long black skirt using Ritz dye and a bed sheet.  I don’t remember what top I would wear, but I always got to wear all of Momma’s costume jewelry with it.    I’d put on everything I could!  Lots and lots of necklaces.  I thought I was so glamorous and exotic.  Seems like I even had a tambourine one year.  Fortunately, there weren’t too many years when we’d have to cover our costumes with a coat either.  I don’t know how old I was when momma decided that it was safe for us to go out without her.  We felt safe to Trick or Treat with our friends.  I went Trick or Treating with friends until the neighbors basically told us we were too old and wouldn’t give us candy any longer.  Maybe until I was 13 or 14, I guess.  Lots of fun!

Most of the costumes were home-made then.  It was so fun to try to figure out what you would be each year!  We even decorated sacks for the candy out of paper grocery bags.  It’s not that way now, or even when my son was a kid, for that matter.   He usually wanted a store-bought costume and a plastic pumpkin bucket for his candy.  I hate those plastic costumes and I’m still not all that fond of the plastic pumpkins either.  Now, Halloween is a really big business.   The costumes are usually better than my son had, but still not home-made.  I believe my grandchildren are going to be a vampire, an Eskimo and an angry bird this year.  Lord only knows how much this all costed my son.  Somehow, it’s still fun though — even with the changes.  The biggest of which is that, at least where I live and my son lives, there aren’t that many door to door treat or  treaters any more.  Most kids go to malls or Fall festivals instead of doing things like they did when I was a kid.  Makes me sad, really.

The one thing about Halloween that has always pissed me off — people who leave their porch light on and put up a sign lecturing about how we’re all teaching our kids to beg by taking them Trick or Treating!  Just leave your damn light off and shut up already, you big jerk.  Neither my son, nor I, beg on the streets and we trick or treated as a kid.  I don’t expect things to be given to me day in and day out just because I was given candy one day a year by neighbors.  I’m sure my son doesn’t either.  We are productive people in society.  If you don’t want to play, don’t play.  If you do, then have it, have fun and be safe!

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  1. Jan T., Spring TX says:

    My son turned 52 today. I lived in Ft Lauderdale when he was born. We had the usual trick or treaters come to the door. It wasn’t until he was a few years old when we realized he didn’t understand what it was all about. He was not wanting to leave a little friend’s summer BD party because: “It isn’t over yet! the kids haven’t come to the door to get their candy!” ah, memories.
    Jan T.

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