Day Two

I’m grateful today:

  1. For the feeling of accomplishment I have
  2. That C was able to walk with her new knees
  3. For soap and shampoo
  4. For Indoor plumbing
  5. For clean water
  6. The simple things
  7. For good sleep
  8. For wonderful books to read
  9. That I haven’t had more than one Coke a day since I started trying to quit them this time.
  10. For pictures of grandkids doing fun things that I miss in person

What are you grateful for today?

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2 Responses to Day Two

  1. My “day 2” of gratefulness:
    That I won 2 books that I really wanted to read from 2 giveaways. I’m so honored
    That my Son LOVES my home made applesauce (no more canned for us)
    That my anxiety meds are really working (lol!)
    That my BFF went thru her hysterectomy with flying colors
    That I have achieved 11 years @ my job
    Love, me 🙂

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