Day Three

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, but I thought about it as my day went along.  I was grateful for:

  1. Strong young men helping move things
  2. The help of family and friends
  3. That there were no accidents while driving in the horrible rain storms
  4. To see a particular town in my rear view mirror, with any luck, for the last time
  5. For old movies
  6. For rest

Today’s will be posted later.  What are you grateful for?

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2 Responses to Day Three

  1. Hey there, lovely. I’m liking your lists of blessings. 🙂
    Today, I am thankful for:
    The washer & dryer that has been doing laundry for 10+ years & still runnin’ like new
    The good thought I had to pre-make pancake batter for instant pancakes
    The money to pay bills; even if I may be broke afterward
    My passion for photography
    The joy my son reflects at all times. It’s infectious!
    Love, me

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