Day Five

In this month of being aware of all that I am truly thankful for — today is day five of my sharing a gratitude list.  Feel free to join in and do the same thing on your blog or leave a list in the comments.

Today I am thankful for:

  1. an invitation to a big pot luck dinner on Thanksgiving day!  I actually got the invitation several days ago, but am thinking of all the family that will be there.  Family that I seldom get to see with all of our busy lives.  Nothing is better than good visits and good food.  I’m looking forward to it!
  2. That my grandson is getting over his slight case of pneumonia!
  3. That kids are resilient.
  4. For a day of rest after such a busy weekend.
  5. That my friend C is doing so much better.  She’ll soon be home from the hospital.
  6. That I got to talk to my son last night.  I love to hear his voice and make sure everyone is safe, healthy and happy.
  7. I’m still blown away with gratitude whenever I think of BJ and D helping us this weekend.
  8. For Netflix.  (Sometimes it’s really all about the little things!)
  9. For cold milk.
  10. And for little ice-cold cans of tomato juice!
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2 Responses to Day Five

  1. I love this “being thankful” thing! I just posted an alphabetical one myself 🙂
    I wish health to everybody 🙂 (don’t know if it’s English to say that though haha!)

  2. Thank you for stopping by Leslie! I visited your blog and read your list, leaving a comment too. Hope to see you here again.

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