My Gratitude list for Thanksgiving Day

I am so very grateful to be able to see most of my family today.  I’m grateful that they arrived safely.  I’m grateful for two bathrooms.  I’m grateful for hugs and sweet smiles.  I’m grateful for telephones to be able to speak with those who are not here.  I’m grateful for all of you who are reading this.  I’m grateful for friends.  I’m grateful that all the dishes are washed.  I’m grateful that I’ve done my cooking for the day.  I’m grateful for the health of my family.  I’m grateful for all of my customers and repeat customers.  I’m grateful for the beautiful day.  I’m grateful to be here, period.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving today or at all.  Have a wonderful, safe day.

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1 Response to My Gratitude list for Thanksgiving Day

  1. Jan says:

    What a blessing you are to me!

    Enjoy your family, the food, and the fellowship!

    Love to you!

    Jan T.

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