My Gratitude List for Day 24

I’m sorry I haven’t had time over the last several days to reply to the comments I’ve gotten on the blog.  Please know that I appreciate all of them and all of you who read my words.  I hope to get to a place next week where I can catch up.

I am so very grateful …

  1. for the customers today who helped me support the food bank!
  2. for Sandy B, the Super Girls and Quilt Country in Lewisville, TX for allowing me to have a food bank fundraiser with my jewelry at the quilt shop today!
  3. for clean sheets
  4. for all of the friends I got to see today!
  5. for my son and grandchildren’s visit over Thanksgiving
  6. that the traffic wasn’t bad when I was out today.
  7. for all the great creativity I was surrounded by today.
  8. for internet orders.
  9. that my son and his children arrived home safely.
  10. that I’ll get to see them again soon.

That’s my list for today.  What are you thankful for?

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