I’m mailing out a bunch of my Christmas cards in the morning so they’ll have this postmark.  Of course I realize it will probably read 12 December 2012, but I don’t care.  The next time the date is full of the same number for the day, month and year, I’ll be long dead.

Of course, I couldn’t finish my Christmas cards today, but most of them will be mailed in the morning.  Hopefully, people who are as — shall we say — unusual as I am or who love all things postal will get one of them.

If you plan to mail something to get this postmark on your outgoing mail, let me know.

Happy 12th of December to you all!

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2 Responses to 12-12-12

  1. Jan Thompson says:

    Cool! I hadn’t thought of that. Don’t think I can get cards out today but love the idea. Have a fun day! Hugs, Jan

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