A little different

My son did the Christmas dinner cooking.  He and the kids decided they wanted something other than the traditional turkey and dressing.  So my son was going to make Lasagna Soup.  I’ve had this once and it was really good!  Unfortunately, he made a slight mistake in reading the recipe and instead of adding cups of broth, he added cans of broth — which equaled to way too much liquid and a ruined dinner.  So we went out to eat at the only restaurant we could find open — Jack in the Box.  I’m sure that many years from now my son will find the humor in the Christmas dinner of 2012!

I’m just grateful we are together.  When I get home, I’ll share the Lasagna soup recipe with you.

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7 Responses to A little different

  1. Jan Thompson says:

    Hey Sharon, What fun! I’ll bet the kids will never forget this year’s Christmas dinner.

    By all means, I want that recipe!

    Love, Jan T.

  2. Chris says:

    Sometimes the best memories-to-be happen when we least expect it. This is one Christmas dinner you, your husband, son and grandchildren will never forget. When the grandchildren get older I can hear them saying, “Remember the Christmas dinner Dad made lasagna soup and we ended up eating at a Jack in the Box?” They will also remember, with fondness, the reason why you had dinner there. Your son is to be commended for trying something different. What a wonderful memory you’ve all created!!!

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  4. Adorable story. Kudos to your son for trying! Still a great recipe.

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