Weird, but True

I was looking at the wordpress dashboard this morning.  On it, I can see which of my blog posts have been read recently, among other things.  There is a lot of information there.  I noticed that one of the posts that had been read a few times in the last week was Little Weird Tidbits of my Life, which is something I wrote more than a year ago.  Then I got to wondering how often I said something was weird on here.  I put it in the search box and it came back with quite a few posts.  This should not have surprised me.  The thing that did surprise me was that I had this thought…Weird, but True…that could be how folks describe ME!

I am a little weird.  For one thing, I tend to get obsessive about things.  I remember many years ago, when I did counted cross stitch, I had to get every single color of DMC embroidery thread they made.  It took me a while, but I did it.  I “needed” it on hand in case I ever needed it for a project.  Some of the colors were never taken out of their wrappers, but by comparison, there weren’t that many.  This type of behavior is not uncommon for me.  I get an interest and become consumed with it until I am exhausted by it all or become temporarily penniless.

I am not this way just over things to purchase either.  When I discovered the PBS series Downton Abbey recently, I watched all but the last show of the first season at one setting on Netflix instant.  So, I think that was about 6 hours of TV in one gulp.  The next day, I finished the last episode and promptly called the nearest Barnes and Noble to see if they had the second season.  (I couldn’t wait to get the DVDs one at a time on Netflix — it wasn’t on instant, you see — I had to know what happened NOW!)  The next day, I went to get the second season on DVD (and I got the first also).  Come to think of it, that did involve a bit of a purchase, but I still don’t think it’s the same as the embroidery thread or such other obsessions as that.  Don’t you agree?  Besides, after I watched them, I loaned them out to others, so they could enjoy them also.  So, obsession is a close friend of mine.

I’m also pretty “true”.  I’m an honest person, I don’t lie and I’m a loyal friend.  If I screw up, I admit it.  I’m not perfect, but I do think I’m true and possibly a little weird.

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  1. Jan Thompson says:

    You are Precious!!!!

    Gene says I’m compulsive when I get involved in something. I see that’s true and do it anyway.

    I watched Downton Abbey like that, too. Season One as many hours as I could cram into one day. SeasonTwo I accumulated as many episodes as I could stand and watched them in batches.

    Did the same with season before last of Homeland. Watched this season in batches after accumulating several. Was SO DISSAPOINTED when I’d seen the last one w/o realizing I wouldn’t get any more until next season!!


  2. elle mental says:

    I am definitely OCD. I can’t read a book at night that I haven’t read before, or I will still be reading when the sun comes up. If I am trying to read until I get sleepy, I have to read something familiar, that will not leave me in suspense. Actually I have had the same book on my night stand for years. I just read it over and over again, which takes ahile since i am just reading a page or two before I drop off to sleep 🙂 If I start research on the web I can get lost for hours and hours… and don’t get me started on Netflix…

    • So good to see you here Elle! I hope you’ll come back and let us know which book is on your night stand. I’m so curious now. 😉

      • Elle Mental says:

        Hi There! I am glad to be back among the living!
        Actually it is a set of two books by Steven R. Donaldson… The first Is called Mirror of Her Dreams and the second is A Man Rides Through. They are not your usual fare… I guess you would call them “Epic Fantasy”, (kind of like Lord of the Rings falls into that category), but not in the normal sci-fy vein… The first time or two of reading them through definitely won’t put you to sleep. The story is very engaging and the characters become so real that you find yourself thinking about them even when you aren’t reading the books. But I have read them so many times that I no longer really need to read them, I just start reading and then drift off to sleep playing the story out in my head. I also loved Donaldson’s, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, (all three trilogy’s).He has a way drawing you into the lives of the characters in his books, that makes you want to know them personally. They aren’t for everyone but it you given them a try, I think you will find them memorable.

      • Thank you, Elle! I’ll check into the books you’ve told us about. It sounds like they would definitely need to be read several times before they’d be able to help you sleep!

        Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard is a book that I’ve wanted to read and I do enjoy, but every time I try to read it at night, I go to sleep. It’s about nature and I find it relaxing.

  3. Elle Mental says:

    Oh… and if by chance you do read any of Donaldson’s books, the beginnings are always slow as he develops the main character’s “story” since it will be integral to how they behave throughout the story… but it can be tedious for a chapter or so until the whole story gets underway. But if you persevere you be well rewarded 🙂

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