Never Say Never

The reason for the title of this blog post is that I am watching American Idol for the first time ever!  This is after years of me saying that I would not watch it or any other reality shows.  I’ll be totally honest here and tell you all that I would not be watching it now if it were not for the fact that Keith Urban is one of the judges this season.  I do love me some Keith Urban!  That being said, I have to admit that I am enjoying it.  I will probably continue to watch it as long as Keith is on it.

Another thing I feel that I must confess at this time is that I have run across a few other reality shows over the years that I have — secretly — watched and until now, have not admitted to.  I’ve watched Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch in the past.  My latest guilty pleasure is Pitbulls and Paroles.  Love that one.

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2 Responses to Never Say Never

  1. Jan Thompson says:

    I’m confessing…. Have watched a few Bachelor episodes briefly over the years but usually can’t watch more than a few minutes when the girls start getting catty or they push themselves onto the bachelor. ESPECIALLY when he falls for the fake affection. Jan

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