There is an art blog that I love for many reasons.  Artsyville is loads of fun to read and I love to see all of Aimee’s amazing doodle creativity and the lists she has.  She has a great etsy shop where I often drool over her doodled inspirational sayings and quotes from over-heard conversations.  It’s hard to pick a favorite thing about Amiee’s blog, but the overheard conversation quotes just may be it!

I thought of Aimee when I was at my son’s recently.  I can’t remember what prompted this statement by a certain tween member of my family (I’m not saying which tween it was, but we did celebrate her birthday while I was there) but when I heard her say this, I grabbed my iPad and emailed it to myself!   I could just picture Aimee doodling it if she overheard it in a conversation somewhere.  I had to laugh, long and hard when I heard — “It’s not my fault I’m asking a question!”  What a hoot!  I do love this child!  (And her sister and brother too!)

I’ve added some new links to the right side of my blog.  They are a variety of blog links to letter, mail art, art journal, ink and fountain pen related blogs that I’ve come across of the last year or so.  I hope you’ll check out some of them in your spare time and enjoy.

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