I’m Organizing and Cleaning and Rearranging

This particular project has been going on forever.  There have been weeks — no, months — when it felt that I was not making any progress at all.  I’ve been slowed down repeatedly by jobs, family and other obligations — none of which I would have changed if given the opportunity, but it’s so good to finally see a little bit of a difference in this project!

August Moon sign -- love!

August Moon sign — love!

After almost three years, I’ve been able to hang the “August Moon” sign I was given when my sister passed.  Well, actually, I got my hubby to hang it.  It’s over the window that my desk  is now in front of.  I can look out the window as I write and see if someone pulls into my driveway or watch the dogs running around outside.

The fabulous birdhouse!

The fabulous bird house!

One of the things I asked for of my sister’s was a huge bird house.  Her hubby and kids kept it for many months before deciding I could have it.  I would have certainly understood if they decided to keep it forever, but they were sweet enough to give it to little ol’ me!  When I got it, I didn’t have a place for it and I had to put it in storage.  Today, I got it out and brought it home.  I was going to put it on the top shelf of my “desk”, but decided that I wouldn’t be able to see it well there and I want to be able to really enjoy it.  I love bird houses!  So, I put it on top of one of my white bookcases.  I haven’t even begun to work on the bookcases, but someday, it will look great.  It’s sitting between the door to the deck and a window.

It’s been ages since I vacuumed the walls in the house.  The logs catch dust and it’s a big job to take care of all of them.  I’ve started it, but if they look dusty in the photos, I haven’t gotten to that area yet.  I didn’t dust the bird house before shooting the photo either and after a couple of years of storage, it probably needed it.  I don’t care at this moment…I wanted to show them off.

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