My Post Office could Close

When the news of all the closings first came out, I looked up my post office to see if it was in danger.  The listing I found did not list my post office, so I stupidly assumed that it was in the clear.  It is not and I am not one bit happy about any of it.  They’ve sent out survey’s to the people who have PO Boxes and I’m sure to the local addresses to see how the public feels about the options they’ve so generously given us.  I was going to show you what mine says, at this time, but I’m having trouble with wordpress and adding photos.  I say it in that way because I was really quite irritated when I filled it out and did not use proper grammar or even phrase it all in the best way possible.  I may ask for another copy from my local PO and rewrite it before sending it in.  Regardless of whether I do that or not, I think they’ll get the general idea.

(Anyone else having problems adding photos on wordpress?)

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4 Responses to My Post Office could Close

  1. jenniesisler says:

    I just wrote a blog post over the weekend about this very thing – our post office was on the chopping block and we managed to save it. Just let the post office know your feelings and it might turn out better than you hope.

  2. jenniesisler says:

    I think I’ll send a note so your postmaster knows people still write letters:)

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