Completed Miniature Quilt

This shows my minimal machine quilting and the binding in process

This shows my minimal machine quilting and the binding in progress

I finished the mini I showed you a couple of days ago.  I had forgotten how much I hate putting a single layer binding on a quilt of any size until I was working on this one.  I normally put on the double binding, even on my minis, but the single layer really does look better on a mini.  I need to come up with a better way to do it though.  I had so much trouble trying to turn under that 1/4 inch to make a smooth edge while trying to cover where it had been stitched on the front!  I wanted extra hands all during the hand sewing of the back of the binding!  I finally had to turn under all the way around the binding and then just fidget more with it as I came to each little stitch.  What a pain!  I also ended up changing the thread color after taking this photo.  I needed a darker purple for sewing the binding.

"A Ribbon Runs Through It" completed during Super Bowl 2013 -- 8" x 10"

“A Ribbon Runs Through It” completed during Super Bowl 2013 — 8″ x 10″

I do like the way the little quilt ended up looking when all finished!  I even like it’s slightly wonky shape.

I’ve named it “A Ribbon Runs Through It”.  It’s about eight inches long by ten inches wide.  I finished the binding and added a hanging sleeve and a label during the Super Bowl.  I hope it finds a good home at the miniature quilt auction.

Speaking of the miniature quilt auction — it will be a live auction held on Saturday March 9th at 1:30 PM at the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas Quilt Celebration!  Quilt Celebration is a wonderful quilt show.  It’s the largest all volunteer show in the country, if I remember correctly.  Something I’ve always been very proud of.  There are usually about 400 quilts, plus special exhibits and vendors to see and there are normally around 10,000 people who see them each year!  It will be held March 8th through 10th  at Dallas Market Hall.  The miniature auction is not to be missed!  It’s fun and exciting every single year!  Plus, this year, it benefits Search One Rescue Team.  I’m thrilled about this because this organization works within a 150 mile radius of Dallas, which means that they could actually be sent to help folks in the area I live!  Search One Rescue is an all volunteer team of men, women and canines who search for lost or missing children and adults.  I hope the auction raises lots of money for them this year.  If  you’re in the general Dallas area, please attend the show and auction.  You just might want to bid on a piece of fiber art while there.

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