Great Idea I Stole — Help Save My Post Office!

painted and inked by my niece and myself on our artist day last summer

painted and inked by my niece and myself on our artist day last summer

Thanks to the Letter Writers Alliance for pointing me to this wonderful post by Jane Davies, artist and owner of the Post Office in Rupert, VT.  (Can you imagine owning a charming post office?  I couldn’t until I saw the photo of hers and now I want one!  I have the land for it.  Wonder what it would take to do that?  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.)  I am sending the post card in the photo to Jane in a few hours.  (It’s almost 4 a.m. here and I’m just starting to get sleepy.  Dang, my warped body clock)!  I hope you’ll check out her blog posting and send her one too.

In fact, while you’re at it, send me one also!  Yes, I’m stealing Jane’s idea and I hope it works!  My post office is in danger of closing right now!  We’ve been sending in surveys to answer the question of whether we want it to close or not.  (NO, we don’t want it to close!)  There will be a town meeting about it in early March.  I would love for them to see a great influx of mail between now and then!  Will you help me save my post office?  If you send me a postcard, I’ll send you one.  Jane is also sending return postcards to the first 200 people who send her one.  I should be so lucky as to get 200 postcards to respond to!  Just in case I do get that lucky, I promise to send a return postcard to the first 200 also and I’ll do my very best to send one to each and every person who sends me one.

To guarantee that you get a return postcard, be sure that you print your return address clearly or use an address label!  I’ll also show the postcards here on my blog.  So, cross your fingers and hope this works for both Jane and me!

Long Live the USPS and local Post Offices!  Feel free to share this post!

Sharon Renick, PO Box 404, Trinidad, TX 75163-0404

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