Post 981 — A Contest to help Save My Post Office

I want to save my post office.  I live in a rural area.  My post office is about 7 miles from my house and it’s the closest post office to my house.  I can get my mail delivered to the mailbox on the highway, but it’s far from the house (as in you can’t see the house from the road or the mailbox from the house) and I’ve had mail stolen from my mailbox in the past.  I only know about it because the thief threw out the mail they didn’t want and the empty packages and kept the Blockbuster DVD and a package of fabric that had been mailed from overseas as a gift to me. A neighbor a mile or so away found the remains of it all and called me.  There could have been other times it’s been stolen that I never found out about.  I’ll never know.  I just know I don’t want to have to go back to using my mailbox on the highway again.

part two -- Ribbon redo?

This is the mini, but it may look totally different by the time of the 1000th post drawing!

I’m asking for your help.  Please mail me a postcard.  It can be hand-made, fiber, store-bought or recycled — all kinds are welcome.  I’ll mail one in return to at least the first 200, but will try to mail back to every single person.  Also, every postcard I get will be put into a drawing for a miniature quilt to be given away on the day I write my 1000th post for this blog and I’ll post the postcards on the blog.   So, don’t delay, mail a postcard today!  Please be sure I can read your return address, in order to get one from me.  My mailing address is on the upper right side of my blog, always.  My post office is not cute like the one in Jane Davies’ blog post, but it is indeed very dear to me and the people in my community.  I’ll be headed there in a few minutes and will take a photo of it for you.  The USPS just announced today that they will stop Saturday delivery of mail, but continue to deliver packages on Saturdays.  This will take place in August.  I don’t recall ever having Saturday counter service here at my little post office, so I imagine I’ll be able to adjust, but I’m not happy about any of it.

The postcards I send in return will be handmade (or store-bought if I run out).  They won’t be great art, but they will be made and sent with gratitude in my heart.  Please share this post.  Thank you for your help.

Sharon Renick, PO Box 404, Trinidad, TX  75163-2144

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6 Responses to Post 981 — A Contest to help Save My Post Office

  1. Jan Thompson says:

    Sharon I really want to help but I may run short of time. But I’ll send it late if that’s all I can manage.

    Love ya!


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  5. Jan T., Spring TX says:

    Sharon, most of our Saturday mail the past 2 or 3 years has been junk mail. We figure that is so when they stop it here we won’t miss it. I am happy they will still deliver packages to you on Saturdays.
    Love, JanT

    • They’ll still deliver packages to everyone, not just here. That particular statement was about all POs. unless something changes, the Saturday delivery will end in early August. We’ve never had Saturday window service at my little PO in the 20 plus years we’ve lived here. At least not that I recall. We occasionally do get good mail in our box on Saturday, but not often. Usually it’s a postcrossing post card. 😉

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