Layout Decision on Hex project Number one

layout for Jungle Love

layout for Jungle Love

I finally decided on a layout for the yellow and grey hexagon English Paper Piecing miniature quilt project!  It all started because I pulled hexs willy-nilly from a bag without looking at them or planning placement at all.  I think that freed me up to really think about it or maybe, see it.  I’m calling this one Jungle Love because I see a jungle cat in the heart!  I’m thinking this one may be for next year’s Quilt Celebration miniature quilt auction.  I printed the photo out to use as a pattern.  My hubby got it off the printer for me and said, “it looks like a lion”.  (Thrilled!)  I’ll use the grey I showed in the earlier post for the background.  I’m packing this up to take on my trip later this week.  Now, to play with layouts for one of the other hex projects.

I know it’s silly, but I am so happy right this minute!  I love quilting.  It’s been so long.

*985 — only 15 to go until someone wins a mini!


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6 Responses to Layout Decision on Hex project Number one

  1. Jan Thompson says:

    I love it and the lion is obvious!

    Mailing a postcard from FL but it may not make it in time for your drawing even w/first class postage. I found it today at WalMart. My two best friends went to FL w/o me one year and sent me this same card. I still have it on a shelf in my sewing room, and that was years ago. Hugs, Jan

  2. Congratulations, on your design. That is the first hexagon quilt I’ve ever seen that I actually like.

  3. molipolli says:

    very cute! You and Rich are right! Now that’s what I call artistic!

    Love, Mom

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