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This is the postcard from Jennie in MA that I couldn't get a good photo of last post.

This is the postcard from Jennie in MA that I couldn’t get a good photo of last post.

This is post #988.  So far, I haven’t made any changes to the mini that will be won in a drawing during post #1000.  It’s not too late to enter.  Sometimes, I post daily, but most recently it’s been every few days.   I’ve been toying with the idea of taking out the ribbon that’s in the mini and adding two different velvet ribbons.  Don’t know yet.

I’m finally able to share the photo of the postcard from Jennie in MA that I talked about in the last post.  Isn’t this Georgia O’Keeffe postcard lovely?

I stopped by my local post office earlier today.  I found three great postcards waiting in my box.  They are all Postcrossing cards, so not entered into the contest.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

The first postcrossing card is from Sandra in Switzerland.  She says that she has two sons ages six and nine and that they are planning to visit the United States this summer. She also said that her husband recently traveled to Houston on business.   That’s pretty close to me!  I love the look of this card.  I wish I could visit Switzerland someday, but it’s unlikely.  I also loved the bird stamp she used, but my photo didn’t turn out.  Maybe I’ll be able to show it next post.  This card arrived in only five days!

Cartoon mouse card from Finland

Cartoon mouse card from Finland

Postcrossing card number two is a cartoon mouse saying “Are you popular or what?”.  I love for the folks who mail me cards to translate them!  I cannot read the signature on this card, so I have no idea if it’s from a male or female.  They talk about postcrossing increasing the amount of mail that we get and how if we save it all, we could swim through it one day!

Postage stamp LOVE -- from Finland!

Postage stamp LOVE — from Finland!

I love the postage stamps they used, especially the colorful one on the right.  The little chicken wearing the polka dot dress is so cute!  And the “flying” fish, what a hoot!  It has to be a flying fish since it’s above the hills with not a drop of water in sight!  I can’t figure out what the little pink animal is in the distance.  A pig would be logical, but this stamp isn’t exactly logical.

Fun card from Holland

Fun card from Holland

The ladies on the last postcard just look like they’re having a lot of fun to me!  Morye sent this card from Holland.  She’s a nurse and she loves her job.  She’s also looking forward to spring.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that spring is springing here at my house.  It won’t be long until the bluebonnets bloom!  She translated the front for me.  It reads “Life is too beautiful to share it only with man!”.  FUN!

Fortunately when I went to the PO today, my counter worker mentioned the town meeting — tomorrow!  I would have missed it if I hadn’t gone by today.  I thought the meeting was next Saturday.  So, we find out tomorrow if our post office is to close or remain open at reduced hours.  I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

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  1. Jan Thompson says:

    Loved the postcrossing cards and the stamps. Couldn’t figure out the small pink animal, either.

    I’m anxious to hear the results of your town meeting. I almost feel like it’s part MY post office, too. After all, it IS the one I need when I send snail mail to YOU!!! hugs Jan T

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