Always ask a kid for clarification

I’m starting to get ready for a quilt retreat, at least mentally making lists of things to take.  One thing I plan to work on is my grandson’s pink hexagon quilt.  I’ve never tried to plan a hexagon quilt before.  Hopefully, I’m doing it semi-correctly.  I think I’ve figured out that I’ll need at least 126 full eight inch hexagons.  I’ll need a few half hexs too and I may need some triangles for the sides or I may leave it hex shaped and deal with the binding nightmare that will cause.  It’s going to be twin sized.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to show  you something in progress over the weekend.

My oldest grandchild, Big C told me she wanted a “squares” quilt in turquoise blue and black.  So, I was thinking a checkerboard and about maybe making playing pieces.  I called her a few minutes ago to double-check that she didn’t mean a nine patch or something like that, only to find out that she’s talking about me making her a log cabin variation quilt like I made for her dad when he was a teenager.

If you’re a quilter, you may remember when the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph became popular here in the States.  Everyone was doing purple and red challenge quilts in the early 1990’s.  I didn’t have one purple fabric until I participated in one of those challenges.  Now?  Well….I have several.  (I discovered that I really like purple, especially when it’s combined with green!)  For this particular challenge, we had to use all of the fabrics they gave us, plus we could add one more fabric.  I believe there were three reds and seven purples.  I added muslin signature squares, which were signed with Pigma pens in different nib widths.  I got signatures, drawings and at least one poem.  None of which lasted after the quilt went with my son and his new wife.  It was pretty much washed to death even though I warned them not to wash it often or at all.

original "squares" quilt -- always ask a kid for clarification!  Log Cabin variation for a red and purple challenge

original “squares” quilt — always ask a kid for clarification! Log Cabin variation for a red and purple challenge

So, this quilt is a log cabin variation.  Most of the blocks have the signature square in the center and one round of “logs”.  There are a few more traditional log cabin blocks thrown in there now and again, but even they aren’t really traditional.  They are mostly just the purples surrounding a smaller red center square.

At first, I didn’t think I could duplicate it and in all honesty, I’m not really going to try.  But I can make it with the same general feel even though it will be much darker.  I’m looking forward to attempting it.    Hopefully, she’ll even like it when I’m done.  Now, to hunt for those turquoise blue fabrics!

I haven’t started to plan Middle C’s quilt, but she’s requested black in it.


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  1. Chris says:

    Love this quilt Sharon! Unusual and beautiful

  2. I love log cabin patterned quilts! It makes sense you ran into this problem, though. My grandma has made a graduation quilt for each of us, and when she asked me, she just took out a bunch of quilt books and asked me to pick one. It makes communication on colors and patterns a lot easier. And I got exactly what I wanted!

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