Forgot to mention Yesterday

When I actually got to see and talk to my granddaughter in person, she changed her mind about the type of quilt she wanted me to make for her.  It’s not the log cabin variation that I’d made for her father that I’d told you about earlier.  No, Big C wants a double nine patch like her brother and sister’s earlier quilts.  Now, to be honest, I never did really figure out if that was what she had wanted all along or if she quickly changed her mind when her younger sister, Middle C, told me that was what she wanted!  They both want them to be black and turquoise blue and the quilts can’t look alike!  Can you hear me pulling out my hair?  Especially since I really want to make these quilts with fabric I have on hand (and even with a gift of fabric from my friend Robin, I have very little turquoise blue fabric)!  I’ll be bald and crazy in no time.

While I was at the Dallas quilt retreat recently, I started my grandson’s pink hexagon quilt.  Let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience!  I was suffering from insomnia and I had not recovered from my trip to Austin before the retreat.  I was also attending Dallas Quilt Celebration while trying to sew this project on no sleep.  It was not pretty!  I used bad language — often — in front of ladies I did not feel were used to hearing bad language!  I’m so sorry, Ladies!  If I could mess it up, I did.  If I thought it was running smoothly and I finally had the knack of it all, I didn’t!  It was sad, very sad.  In fact, it was such a mess and I was so tuckered out, that I ended up leaving the retreat a day early.  Not something I do often.

the three rows of the pink hex quilt

the three rows of the pink hex quilt

I did learn a lot and I did not give up on the hex quilt yet.  I had read this tutorial before starting to piece the hexs.  It sounded too good to be true!  For me, it was.  I’m sure this  way of piecing can work, after all, there is photographic proof on the tutorial.  For me, it did not work.  I need to mark the 1/4 inch starting and stopping points and not sew straight across the seams, any seams.  I spent a lot of time, ripping out my stitches and going back to sew the backstitching I forgot to do the first time around.  It was a pain.  When I finally started to start and stop my piecing at the 1/4 inch mark, it went fine.  I ended up with three rows.  This pattern must be cut out accurately too and since I tried to cut up to eight hexs at a time, I’m not positive all of mine are accurate.  I will be continuing the project in a few days, but with a different attitude and more carefully.  My grandson will, eventually, get his hex quilt.


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  1. Jan Thompson says:

    If you are coming this way any time soon I have alot of turq and teal you are welcome to. Hugs Jan

  2. Jan Thompson says:

    Plus, the ONLY way I could do hexagons would be paper piecing. I hear 1/2 hexes are easy to sew on machine but I have no proof.


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