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I’ve been in a postcard pickle.  I accidentally packed away all the postcards I had, when I started a deep cleaning of the house.  I had to slow way down on mailing out because I can’t find my blasted postcards after packing them away.  On my latest trip to Oklahoma, I kept an eye out for new ones.  I got lucky!  It’s actually very difficult to find postcards in my area of Texas.  It’s been fairly easy in Oklahoma and they are priced much less expensive there.  I now have a stack that could choke a horse and I’m ready to mail!

From Jamie in the United Kingdom

From Jamie in the United Kingdom

This post is actually about the postcards I’ve gotten recently though.  So, let’s get started.  The first card is from the United Kingdom!  This is only my second card from England.  I really thought I’d end up getting quite a few from this country, but that is not the case and it makes me a little sad.  I love this card of a postage stamp!  The UK has a lot of wonderful postage stamps.  That’s one reason it makes me sad to get cards from them so seldom.  Jamie says that once he had a layover at the Fort Worth airport (DFW) and that he has watched the Texas Rangers a lot over the last few years.  Woo hoo!  I do love a Rangers fan!  Jamie has been a postcrossing member for over two years.  He’s mailed out 298 postcards and received 300 so far.

From Warwara in Minsk, Belarus

From Warwara in Minsk, Belarus

This card is from Warwara in Minsk, Belarus.  She studies at the University and wants to be a Diplomat!  She says “I like books, lions, travels and unexpected movie endings.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a big dream and it makes me sad sometimes.  But I hope to find it.  I decided to send you more than one bird that live in my county.  Have a nice day.  :)”  Warwara has only been a postcrossing member for about two months.  This is one of the first 14 postcards she mailed out.  She will be 19 next month.  This is the 12th postcard I’ve gotten from members in Belarus.

From Irina in St. Petersburg, Russia

From Irina in St. Petersburg, Russia

The next two postcards are from Russia.  I’ve gotten a total of 21 cards from Russian members to date.   Irina sent this first one to celebrate the National Day of Grandmothers in France!  She says it was the 10th of March.  She has a big stack of postcards telling about holidays in countries all over the world and it’s been very interesting learning about them.  I wish I could see that book.  I think I’d find it very interesting too.  Irina has been a postcrossing member for over a year and has mailed out 140 postcards so far.  She’s received 137 to date.   I forgot to take a photo of the postage stamps she used on her card.  They are great.  I’ll try to remember to get it next time.

From Nikita in Smolensk, Russia

From Nikita in Smolensk, Russia

As you can tell by this photo, this postcard came in an envelope.  It is actually a photograph!  Unfortunately, Nikita does not tell me if he took the photo himself, although I assume he did.  I love it!  I’ve discovered over the years of participating in postcrossing, that I love Russian architecture!  This church is just amazingly beautiful.  Nikita says that he lives in Smolensk and that the city is celebrating its 1150 year anniversary this year!  He loves history.  He wrote the postcard on February 25th and say that they had sunny, frosty weather.  Nikita is also pretty new to postcrossing.  He’s been a member for about 4 months.  This is one of the first 11 postcards he’s mailed.  He’s gotten 8 so far.

Postcrossing is a fun hobby.  I love getting real mail and learning about people and places all over the world.  How about you?  Are you a Postcrossing member?  Maybe you should join.  The only cost is the postcards and postage.  It’s fun!


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  1. What a beautiful set of cards!!! I especially love the stamp from Jamie in the UK! Irina’s card is lovely – a nice way to celebrate grandmothers. And finally, the architecture in Russia – their ornate buildings always reminded me of the tops of perfume bottles! Lol. Thanks for sharing all of your beauty 🙂

  2. Jan Thompson says:

    My fav is the Grandmothers Day card! Wasn’t it cute?

    So, the card from the UK is a photo of a stamp? Am I confused?


    • The postcard from the UK shows a stamp on the front. So, it’s a stamp postcard. 😉 You can see the white perforated frame around the stamp and it’s on a tan background. Clear as mud?

      I really like the grandmother card too. It’s darling!

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