Vintage Mail

my Christmas card

my Christmas card

WordPress and I are not getting along today.  This is the second time I’ve started this.  All of my words were lost on the previous post started.  Not fun.

I talk to my momma almost daily.  During one of our conversations recently, she asked if I wanted the old Christmas cards that my dad sent to us all when he worked in Vietnam.  I said yes, thinking I’d be getting another rare item with my father’s handwriting on it.  That was not the case.

Momma's Christmas card from Vietnam,1970

Momma’s Christmas card from Vietnam,1970

My father started taking care of his family when he was about thirteen or fourteen years old.  His mother had died and his father wasn’t much of a provider.  He would disappear for days on end and drink the money away long before food was purchased for the kids.  My father and my Aunt Joan basically took over the care and  parenting of the four younger kids.  They did the best they could.  I won’t go into much more than that, but I will say that my dad always took care of his family, no matter what.  Making a good paycheck was important to him.  So, during the Vietnam war, my father got a job that took him to Vietnam.  (I believe he was setting up and installing newspaper equipment.)  He was there for a year.  He could make more money in a war zone than he could in Texas.


the card sent to my sister, Teresa

the card sent to my sister, Teresa

Back to the Christmas cards.  These cards have a 3D “picture” inserted into a photo frame Christmas card.  You can see the corners in the photos where they are inserted into the cards.  They are really very lovely and interesting, although they have curled along the edges through the years.  I don’t think you can see the 3D effect very well in the photographs I’ve taken of them.  These lovely cards were actually from one of the Vietnamese who worked with my father.  They have greetings written in English with a Vietnamese translation in each card.  They are dated December 2, 1970.  I know my father mailed the cards, but they really aren’t from him.  My first thought was to chunk them in the trash when I realized that, but I’m going to keep them.  I may never have anything else like it in my life.


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  1. That wasn’t what I was thinking either! Lol. Make sure you keep them because they have sentimental value to you 🙂

    • I’m keeping them more the postal memories than the sentimental ones. I mean how often will I get a 3D Christmas card written in two languages? Maybe it has more sentimental value than I realize. 😉

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