Hello, it’s been a while…

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still here.

  • I’ve been cleaning and de-cluttering my house.  Right up to the point where I couldn’t stand to do it another minute!  At least for a while.  There is more to do, after all.
  • I had a visit from my son, grandchildren and momma here for the fourth of July!  We sat out and had a little bonfire.  We roasted hotdogs.  It was fun!
  • I visited them — my son and grandchildren.  We celebrated my middle granddaughter’s birthday!  they are growing so fast.
  • I’ve spent time with my momma.
  • I’ve read some books.
  • I’ve watched some TV and movies.  I discovered “The Big Bang Theory” (on Netflix DVD) and I LOVE it!  I see parts of my grandson’s future and the future of his future friends in that show.
  • I’ve fallen in love with the chicken salad sandwich at The Collin Street Bakery.  A friend asked me what was so special about this sandwich — what is in it?  I don’t know exactly.  I’m sure there is chicken, mayo, pecans and celery (I don’t even like celery!).  It’s made with cheese on each piece of bread with the chicken salad in the middle.  Ah, heaven!  If you drop by for one, don’t forget the cherry icebox cookies for dessert.  *Yes, Chris, next time, I’ll take photos of it.
  • I’ve been organizing my photos on my computer.
  • This morning, I broke a tooth while eating some peanuts.  I can’t see the dentist until tomorrow afternoon.  I’m grateful I can see him that quickly, but I sure wish it could have been today.

That’s it for now, folks.  Maybe I’ll write another list next week.

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  1. jan t says:

    busy, busy! I wish I had started decluttering my house a bit. glad youve spent some quality time with family. rock on.

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