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Something to be Grateful for

I was about to hit the road for a few errands, when I came upon this tree across the driveway.  I was able to move the broken top, before taking the photo.  Then I tried to move the rest of … Continue reading

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On the Road — Gun Barrel, Texas

I found out many years ago that one reason I have migraines is that I’m allergic to beef.  After eating no beef at all for several years, I remembered that my friend Marianne, had told me that I might be … Continue reading

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Got a little rain

Last evening, I heard the wonderful sound of thunder.  Before I could even grab my camera, it was raining!  It was so good to hear, see and smell.  After so long, it felt like a reason to celebrate!  Unfortunately, it … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Photo

I have become more and more fascinated with small houses lately.  I do mean small, too — really small.  We’re talking the whole house less than 20 feet by 20 feet, give or take a few feet.  Now, this is … Continue reading

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On The Road — in Winona

We drove through Winona, Texas on our way to my uncle’s funeral yesterday.  We had been up that way on Monday to visit my aunt and to say our goodbyes to my sweet uncle.  The drive is really pretty nice, even this time … Continue reading

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This One’s for YOU, Chris!

I usually forget to get a shot of my fabulous lunch.  This was actually an early dinner, but I still remembered and I even had my camera with me.  This is the Chicken Salad sandwich at The Collin Street Bakery.  … Continue reading

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Beautiful Ladies

My mother is one of seven sisters.  She’s the youngest of nine children.  Four of the siblings have passed.  On Monday, we saw two of the remaining sisters.  I almost forgot that I had my camera with me.  I’m so glad … Continue reading

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Daily Frustration

They’re working on the highway in front of my house.  I believe they’re widening the shoulder.  That will be nice when it’s done, but right now, it’s a daily frustration in my life.  It’s loud and inconvenient.  I find myself trying to … Continue reading

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The Things We Take for Granted

When I got up this morning, my water was off.  This is a fairly common occurrence in my rural area in the summer, especially if it hasn’t rained in a while, which it hasn’t.  (I’m not exactly sure what all they … Continue reading

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