Daily Frustration

They’re working on the highway in front of my house.  I believe they’re widening the shoulder.  That will be nice when it’s done, but right now, it’s a daily frustration in my life.  It’s loud and inconvenient.  I find myself trying to get even more errands done when I’m out, so I won’t have to face the wait for the road work on another day.

my mailbox during road construction

my mailbox during road construction

One thing I’ve found interesting about the work is that they took down all the mailboxes along the construction route and put them up on these highway cones.  I never know exactly where my mailbox will be on a daily basis now.  It could be on either side of my driveway or even a bit down the road.  I’m looking forward to it being back in its normal place when it’s all over and done.  Until then though, I may take occasional photos of it.  After all, it could make a great postcard!

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4 Responses to Daily Frustration

  1. jan t says:

    you always seem to be able to make lemonade out of the lemons you occasionally are dealt. you go, Girlfriend. I’m hoping you get this over soon but I’m looking forward to photos of your relocated mailbox. 🙂

  2. Jan T, I like the look too, actually, but it’s kind of wobbly. That, I don’t like at all.

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