This One’s for YOU, Chris!

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I usually forget to get a shot of my fabulous lunch.  This was actually an early dinner, but I still remembered and I even had my camera with me.  This is the Chicken Salad sandwich at The Collin Street Bakery.  I don’t know what all is in this chicken salad.  I do know it has pecans and celery and I don’t even like celery, but it’s good in here.  I know the sandwich has a slice of Muenster cheese on each piece of bread with the lettuce, tomato and chicken salad in between the cheese slices.  The bread I like, and used, is called “egg bread”.  This sandwich is very good and extremely addictive!  I’m telling you — this is the crack of chicken salad sandwiches!



Of course you can’t go to the Collin Street Bakery and not get a few cookies too!  These are the Cherry Ice Box, Peanut Butter and Pecan Nugget.  You can actually order the Cherry Ice Box (and a few others) and have them mailed to you.  My son often requests this for his birthday.  He loves the Cherry Ice Box cookies.  Just a little FYI, they gave me the broken one and I got the last of the Cherry Ice Box cookies that they had today.  No problem.  There are more in my future.

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4 Responses to This One’s for YOU, Chris!

  1. Jan & Gene Thompson says:

    I definitely need to try that sandwich.

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    • There is a location in Corsicana on I45, the original location near downtown Corsicana may not have it and they have it in Lindale (I think it is) right outside of Tyler on I20! I may stop by the bakery the next time I’m headed down near you. If I do, I’ll get you one if you’re home to receive it. 😉

  2. Chris O says:

    Thanks Sharon! That is if I’m the “Chris” you’re referring to!! I do love a good chicken salad sandwich. Wish I could’ve reached in and grabbed half. The cookies looked yummy.

    • Yes indeed, Chris! You are the Chris I was referring to. 🙂 In fact, any food post you see on my blog, just think of it as a “This one’s for you Chris” post. Maybe I should make that a category title. What do you think?

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