Woo Hoo!

I just hit the 300 postcards sent/received mark on postcrossing!  This means that I can now have 15 postcards traveling to their destinations at a time.  When I first started, over three years ago, I could only mail five at a time.  The number you can mail out increases as more and more of your cards are registered.

I wish more people participated in postcrossing!  Maybe if it became really super popular, we could find postcards easier here and they might even consider making postcrossing postage like other countries have done.  That would be fun!  Maybe the schools in the U.S. would start teaching cursive writing again.  Oh the dreams I have!

I know, for many people, overseas postage can be rather expensive.  It costs $1.10 to send a postcard anywhere out of the United States.  Personally, I think that’s a bargain, and I’m sure it’s less than other countries pay.  It’s only 33 cents to mail a postcard to someone else in the States, but you don’t get an address for your own country as often as the overseas addresses (44 of the 300 were to U.S. addresses).   The thing to remember, if you are considering joining up, is that you don’t have to mail out the full number of postcards that you are allowed to.  You can do it as slowly as you want to and as your budget allows.

Woo hoo!


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