Quick Check In

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  I had hoped to post a couple of days ago, but had a computer virus that had to be taken care of first.

Today I’m taking both dogs to the vet.  Loads of fun and lots of time because I have to take them one at a time.  I can’t handle them both at once.  Living out in the middle of the country like we do, we don’t do a lot of training of the dogs.  I always regret that on days like this.  There’s nothing quite like a big, wet, muddy dog that can and will pull you down if given half a chance to make life interesting.  Yes, it’s raining here.  I’d be happy about it if not for the vet visit.  We’ve been in a long drought.

Two times recently, I’ve been driving home and saw four little hens running around in a yard near by.  It tickled me to see them!  I love chickens, but there is so much wildlife around here to eat them that I haven’t ever had any.

another day, another group of turkey buzzards

another day, another group of turkey buzzards

Sunday morning, I could hear something on the roof above me.  I went outside, expecting to see a turkey buzzard fly off.  There were six of them up there having a little party!

Yesterday was “everybody’s” birthday!  My parents and husband were all born on the same day.  Dad would have been 75 if he were still with us.  I won’t share mom’s or my hubby’s ages for fear of retaliation, but suffice it to say that they are still kicking.  My parents didn’t know they shared their birthday until after they were married.  I briefly considered not dating my future husband any longer when I found out he shared their birthday.  It’s a little overwhelming to have all of the most important people in your young life born on the same day.

I’m having trouble with adding pictures today.  I was going to show  you a drawing on an envelope, but that will have to wait. Time to start getting ready to go to the vet.  Bah humbug.

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  1. Jan & Gene Thompson says:

    Hoping the vet visit went well. Thanks for the photos!

    Jan T

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