Happy Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.  I prefer to stay home in my jammies and do whatever I really want to do.

On my favorite Sundays, I watch Sunday Morning on CBS and Texas Country Reporter.  I write postcards and letters.  I try to notice more about myself and my surroundings.  For instance this morning, I realized that I really need to get back into quilting  — like now.

bed quilt detail

bed quilt detail

I was spreading this quilt across my bed and started to think of the dear friend who had made it.  I miss her terribly, but her quilt on my bed is a comfort.  I feel the love she possessed while here on this big earth with me and the others who miss her now.  I want that for my grandchildren and my son.  I haven’t made a quilt for my son since he was a 12 or 13.  I haven’t made one for my grandchildren since they were babies.  Not all of their quilts have survived.  At this point, they will not get the comfort I got from touching this quilt this morning.

Then there are the miniature quilts, which have been my focus for the last several years.  I haven’t even been making them lately .  I had never kept one for myself.  I’ve donated many to several organizations over my quilting life and given them for gifts.  I love to do both things, but it was time for one for me.  So, I made the top for this one.

miniature pineapple quilt, top made by myself, quilted by Connie the Great!

miniature pineapple quilt, top made by myself, quilted by Connie the Great!  *click on picture to enlarge and see the quilting!

Then, of course, something terrible happened.  The tornadoes hit Moore, Oklahoma last spring.  I knew someone, somewhere would do something quilt related to raise money to help the victims, but that did not get me on my sewing machine.  When the call came, from Quilt Country in Lewisville, Texas, I had only this little top and no time to finish the quilt.  I called my sweet friend Connie and talked to her about it.  She has a machine quilting business and she said she would complete the quilt for me.  Boy did she ever!  (Can you see the beautiful quilting in the border?)  I was on my way to visit Oklahoma when I dropped the mini top off to her.  I was so frazzled when I took it to her, that I didn’t even think to bring everything she would need to finish it — like a backing and the binding fabric.  I had one small fat quarter with me to do both jobs.  Much to my chagrin, it was not exactly enough, but I didn’t find that out until I splurged — I bid on and won the quilt back in the auction that was held by Quilt Country to help the victims.  Connie used my fabric for the binding and supplied her own for the backing.  Thanks to Connie, I now have one of my miniature quilts with the added love of one of hers.

I often fantasize about making a full bed quilt out of these little blocks.  They are not quite three inches big.  Can’t you just see that quilt shimmering like a jewel?

quilts and postcards 014This post is getting long and I’m sorry about that, but I did want to share one more thing with you.  I have several fountain pens.  All of which I packed away when I started cleaning and de-cluttering my house months ago.  The project is ongoing, but I have no idea where my fountain pens are during all of this.  (I can’t seem to find anything since I started cleaning up!)  So, I bought a new one.  This one is brand new and less than $40 with the shipping.  I love the bright hot pink color, the fact that I can change the nibs and I can use the converter to use my bottled ink.  It’s a Lamy Safari and I got it from The Goulet Pen Company.   Most of all, I love that I’m using a fountain pen again!  Happy Sunday to you!

close up

close up

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8 Responses to Happy Sunday

  1. I clicked on this post because of the gorgeous colors in the quilt. You have a very similar color scheme in your own miniature quilt, and I love them both!

  2. Jan & Gene Thompson says:

    Couldn’t see the quilting but know Connie’s talent from the quilt the Outta Control Gang quilt y’all have me for my 70th. Can you believe that was over 8 years ago? 

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  3. Jan & Gene Thompson says:

    Love it all! Fountain pens are one of my loves tho’ I haven’t used one except for calligraphy jobs lately.  And haven’t had one of those in a while. 

    Love that you got your mini back and got to bless the tornado victims in Moore too.

    Love you.

    PS In packing for our move, I used index cards and numbered all the boxes, noting on the corresponding card what was in each box. So far I know where most things are. Try it next time you are sorting stuff. 

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