Every once in a while — I feel uncomfortable

Chinese stamps

Chinese stamps

I write letters too.  I’m not just a postcard person.  Occasionally, I attempt to start a pen pal relationship with someone I meet on postcrossing.  One such person lives in China.  He and I wrote a few letters back and forth, until I got one that just made me flat-out uncomfortable.  It’s been many months since I got the letter.  I won’t go into great detail, but I can tell you that every time he wrote, he asked me to send him small denominations of money.  I sent some coins the first time, but I have no idea if he ever got them.  Then he said things about the United States hating China.  That was what made me uncomfortable.  I have no idea what kind of misinformation the Chinese public is given, but I no longer felt the need to write this person and defend my country.

I emailed him through postcrossing and told him that I didn’t think we were a good fit and that I would not be continuing our exchange of letters.  He emailed back and angrily asked me to explain myself.  I chose not to do that.  This weekend, I got a postcard from him, as if nothing has happened, asking for my advice about his education, saying he needed my help.

Yep, I still felt creepy when I read this one too.  I’m showing the stamps from his card.  I did like them.

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  1. SCREAM!!! It makes me pissed when an innocent thing is taken in the wrong context. Block this guy if you can. Asking for money is the the biggest flag ever. I don’t want you to get hurt. And yes… I guess his stamps are nice, but now I’m totally creeped out my him. Lol!!! Be safe!

    • You would be totally shocked by how many people on Postcrossing ask for coins, small bills or other enclosures if you mail the postcard in an envelope. It’s a real turn off for me, so I just ignore it and send one without an envelope in most cases. The ones who want to participate in a trade of some sort don’t bother me at all, but I still don’t do it. This was the one time and I felt like I was burned.

      Hugs, Sharon

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