Happy Halloween in Postcards

This postcard comes from Shanghai, China.  Looks spooky to me.

This postcard comes from Shanghai, China. Looks spooky to me.

Halloween is so different now than it was when I was a kid!  In my opinion, it’s not nearly as fun.  It’s not as safe for kids to actually Trick or Treat door to door as we did.  The costumes are all plastic crap nowadays.  Mom had the time to make our costumes each year and she worked full-time.  Thank you Momma!  I was a gypsy for years on end.  Mom would make a skirt out of an old sheet and dye it black.  She did this for three or four years straight. I don’t know if I outgrew the skirts by the next year or if I wore them out playing with them.  We would also make our own candy bags out of grocery sacks each year.  coloring them and decorating them.  So fun!

My sister loved Halloween.  She decorated her house each year.  I think I stopped decorating when my son stopped Trick or Treating.  I never did it on the scale Teresa did either.

This year, my grandkids decided that they were too old to participate in all this stuff anymore.  Makes me sad, but since I don’t think it’s fun any longer, I understand.  Times, they are a changing.

*The only thing said on the back of the postcard is that Shanghai is a beautiful, modern city.

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  1. That is a very kinda creepy post card for sure. Like some kind of Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven thing. Lol. I agree with you about Trick/Treat. I mentioned that the other day that it’s not the same. I stopped participating when son wasn’t interested when he turned 12. Now, here, it’s in broad daylight (from 3-5 pm. What the hell?) and 1/2 the time, I don’t see any costumes; just kids wanting candy. They provide Trick/Treat inside the Mall; NOT the same in any way. But times have changed.

    • Oh! Wait until you hear this…an old friend from high school posted on facebook earlier tonight that she had two women in their fifties who came to her house to trick or treat! They were not dressed in costumes and had no kids with them either. What is going on?


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