A List for Today

Since getting my new fountain pen in late October, I’ve been writing more letters.  Here is a list of who I’ve written to, so far:

  • Catherine
  • Kari
  • Martha (got a letter from her earlier this week, writing a second letter to her now!)
  • Tracey
  • Pam
  • Chris  *got a letter from Chris yesterday!  Will be writing her this weekend.  🙂
  • Beth
  • Mr. Morrison
  • Oldest Granddaughter (I’m so disappointed!  She got my letter and can’t read my writing!  Is it my writing or that she hasn’t learned and used cursive enough?  My guess, the second possibility.)
  • Youngest Granddaughter

I hope to write several letters a week.  How many letters have you written lately?

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1 Response to A List for Today

  1. Chris O says:

    Things we think are important to us (our generation) are no longer important to younger generations. It’s really sad. Along the lines of cursive though would be diagramming sentences. I didn’t particularly enjoy it when I was in school but looking back I now understand why we had to learn it. My question is if schools no longer teach cursive, how will people sign documents? Printing your name will enable more people to commit forgery. Why do people not look outside the box or think of the long-term ramifications of what they want to do away with? No need to answer as it’s a rhetorical question. I’m with you I hope it’s your granddaughter can’t read your writing, which sounds bad but not as bad as the fact she can’t read cursive!

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