Well, shoot…

I recently got to send a postcard to South Korea.  This is a country that doesn’t come up often since there are so few postcrossing members in that country.  I’ve sent three postcards there in over three years of membership.  The young lady the most recent card was sent to got the card and registered it last Thursday.  It took 12 days to get to her.  Unfortunately, she could not read cursive handwriting!  I just looked at her profile to see if it stated her age.  It did not, but she has a photo of herself.  She looks to be about 13 or so.   It makes me so sad that our youth can no longer read cursive!

I’ve sent the young lady an email telling her if she can send me a photo of the back of the card, I’ll translate the cursive for her.  Don’t know if that will happen or not.

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